Thursday, May 5, 2011

Is It this A The End of our LOVE STORY?

Assalamualaikum :) I never expected that today will be my rainy tears day ever guys. okay jiwang so what? sayang, you know how much I love you an I know you love me too. but is it what I've know that you love me is the same as your's? IDK. I've no idea at al. today both of us were fighting and we were fighting just because of her. yeah her your ex. your ex that you love her so damn much dulu. taktahu lah dulu tu still the same with now. IDK sayang. just because of her, you angry with me till both of us were fighting. your words was killed me inside. It's damn hurt sayang. seriously I'ts damn hurt. you can said that I never hear and do what you'ved said and want. but the truth is you are totally wrong. I try to changed. for you sayang. yeah for you. but you still can't see it. what you can see are my bad side. the good side you didn't see. yeah. adat lah right when the bad people wanna changed to good people? I accept it dear. I can understand it. and after what happened today I realised that I can't keep you as mine whereas you are not happy with me. you suffered with me. I just make you hurt day by day. so I decide to text you and asked you for make a decision. whatever you decide I'll accept it as long as you happy with your decision. I know. this is not easy for me coz I love you more than myself. but what can I do. this is for our own good. but till now you still didn't gave me your decision. it's okay sayang. I'll give you some space there. :) take my note. WHATEVER YOU'VE DECIDED I KNOW THAT ARE FOR OUR OWN GOOD. iloveyou till the end of myself. to found someone special like you IMPOSSIBLE babyy. I'll never found someone like you and nobody can't replaced you right here in my heart till end :)

P/S: you know what i want and you know me well sayang. take this word, my heart are your's. take it and keep it or break it and throw it :')

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